Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pevin Kinel

I've been searching the internet up and down for more information regarding Pevin Kinel, who kindly sent me an e-mail the other day.  Truth is, I can't find much.  Both his MySpace and Facebook sites lead to his homepage, which has some blog updates by not much background info.  It seems as though this Kinel character is some mythical force that swooped down and dropped "Dusty", his new single, right into my lap.  I'm happy the music stork did this though, because the track is a great electronic piece that lays some nice support for a downtempo vibe.  While some of the sounds are kind of industrial, I like how he uses those to actually make something laid-back.  It doesn't hurt that he includes a sick bass line...I'm such a sucker for those.  I've put "Dusty" below, and watch out for his album Syntactic Sugars, which is due out this spring.  The track is downloadable here.


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