Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Arbor Lights

The quartet Arbor Lights, hailing from Birmingham, England, started in a way much similar to other bands; they met at a bar.  This coincidental gathering allowed for the formation of their band in June 2010, and the single "On A Sea" in May 2011.  Well, almost two years since the upstart of their partnership and a year removed from their first song Arbor Lights released their debut EP, Arbor Lights, on March 15th of this year. The release is most definitely post-rock; an instrumental compilation of complex guitar wails and intricate bass grooves.  What I'm loving about the EP right now is the band's ability to mix the dark with the breezy; intense layers of sound almost appear submerged under airy guitar riffs.  This allows for an interesting mood.  It's also really cool to listen to their progressing track builds, "Post-Rock/Paper/Scissors" begins with an ambient tone only to erupt into a frantic post-rock jam.  On top of all of this, their production is gorgeous; everything sounds so crisp! Gotta hand it to Hockley Street Studios on that one.  Hit up their Bandcamp if you want to download the EP for free, and for a sneak preview I've posted "Post-Rock/Paper/Scissors" and "El Arborlito" below.  Enjoy!

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