Thursday, August 30, 2012

Astronauts, etc.

Following up on a pervious post regarding the fantastic song "Mystery Colors" by solo-man Astronauts, etc. (Anthony Ferraro), he has recently released yet another beauty. This one is called "You Can Yell" and it also comes off his forthcoming EP Supermelodic Pulp (due out September 8th).  Probably the best thing about it is that you can really see him start to flex his songwriting muscles.  Instead of restricting himself to a calmer, spacier atmosphere, "You Can Yell" is lively and more full.  They're both great, and they're both different.  It'll be exciting to see how Ferraro further spreads his wings in future endeavors, and the best thing is that we only need to wait about a week more! Check out the new single below, then be sure to give him some love over at SoundCloudFacebookTwitter, and Bandcamp.  You won't be disappointed!


This Thursday I'm going to give you a heavy dose of chill in the form of Boerd, a Swedish producer who hails from Stockholm.  Boerd, otherwise known as Bard Ericson, is also a member of the band Stay Ali, which has been around since 2006. Last year, Ericson created the solo project to further explore his electronic experimentation. The most recent result of this move is his Velocity EP, which was released just over two weeks ago.  When discussing chill, it doesn't get much more laid-back than here.  Ericson puts together slow and spacious beats as well as mellow rhythms that form into a seriously relaxed vibe.  Many of his tracks remind me of Air, that is if Air slowed their tempo by half while smoking a lot of pot.  It's a very interesting listen, and one that's certainly worthwhile.  I've posted "Flimmer" for stream below, with more links available at his SoundCloudFacebook, and Twitter.

 Flimmer by boerd

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trails and Ways

Everyone seems to be talking about the Californian quartet Trails and Ways these days. It's for good reason; their affinity for twangy dream pop has carved a wonderful niche for the up-and-coming band.  Sure they might be "dream pop", but are more grounded than the spaced out likes of ethereal gazers, something which has garnered the attention of thousands of people.  Now, they've unleashed the music video for their most recent single "Mtn Tune".  It features the band as they rock climb, bike, and perform atop of 40 ft. tall volcanic rock...pretty much doing everything that makes California awesome.  Catch that below, and after the jump check out their Ghost Beach cover of the song "Miracle".


To add to the extensive list of dynamic and kinetic artists coming out of Australia, the Melbourne native Harts has recently thrown his talent into the mix.  Only two songs deep into his music career, Harts has already made quite a splash, catching the eyes of many fans.  One such enthusiast was Lars Stalfors of The Mars Volta, who has offered to mix the forthcoming EP Offtime, which is slated for a release later in 2012.  I find the draw to his songs to be a mix of energy, creativity, and the ability to hook on to his music.  "Back To The Shore" is an excellent example of this; the driving guitar riff is striking and unique, allowing Harts to be distinguishable.  When you hear "Back To The Shore", you're going to remember the piercing tone and you'll know who played it.  The first official single "All To Real" is similar, instead utilizing disco-like bass grooves to catch your eye.  I've posted both songs below for you to listen to, with links to his SoundCloud and Facebook for further exploration.  Hit it up!

 Back To The Shore by Harts

 Harts - All Too Real by Harts

Friday, August 24, 2012

Work Drugs

If the distinct '80s chimes and intimate saxophones of Bon Iver's "Beth/Rest" weren't smooth already, leave it to the kings of slick Work Drugs to remix it up.  In their newest release, they stand up the Bon Iver remix challenge over at Indaba Music using a 10-year-old Packard Bell and an "outdated version" of Windows Sound Recorder. In true Bon Iver fashion, the group traveled to a small cabin in a densely wooded area of the Poconos to find inspiration.  To complete such a competition, I couldn't think of a more fitting environment.  Straight up living the Bon Iver lifestyle (as of a few years ago at least).  Have a listen to the remix below, and if you like it be sure to vote for Work Drugs over here and show them some love.  To keep the track, you can grab the download here.  As has been the case lately, all of the Work Drugs social media has been busy; you can check them out over at SoundCloudFacebookTwitterBandcampMySpace, as well as their official page. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

 Bon Iver - Beth / Rest (Work Drugs Remix) by Work Drugs

Joel Hood

I find it difficult for anyone to approach Joel Hood's music apathetically.  With the swirling synths and hypnotizing drum rhythms, the soundscapes that envelop each track become mesmerizing.  Hood's style is most definitely "chill", the melodies of which are not only easy, but enjoyable, to gulp down.  The gentle and soft sweeps of electronics effortlessly invite the listener into the gentle structure of the tracks. That's one of the aspects I find myself attracted to in Hood's compositions; each song appears to be fragile, delicately constructed by an engineer with an agreeable mindset that is awash in mellow foundations.  Every individual track that he has put out so far seems to stick true to these characteristics, offering a world that is effortless to become lost in.  On September 10th Hood will be releasing his first single through Bad Panda Records, an event that will hopefully launch further material.  Until that time, I have posted "Companero" and "Teardrops" below for stream, with SoundCloud and Twitter to hold you over.

 Campanero by Joel Hood

 Teardrops by Joel Hood

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kasket Club

It was around a month and a half ago that I first wrote up on the newly formed duo Kasket Club.  At the time of the post, Kasket Club had released a few songs but had yet to put out anything official as a whole.  That has all changed now with the creation of Kasket Club, the group's first debut EP.  The five-song collection continues Kasket's worry-free attitude, putting out sleek and laid-back vibes in a form most resembling electronic chillwave tendencies.  As much as I loved the first output by Kasket Club, I feel confident in saying that this is an improvement.  The songs sound better constructed, and even include more foreign elements like disco.  The small touches they include in Kasket Club make it all the more rewarding.  Although they're all good, I've posted favorites "Patience" and "Sunday" below.  The EP is offered for free, so after listening check out Bandcamp or SoundCloud to snag some downloadables.  Their Facebook page offers additional information.

 Patience by KasketClub

 Sunday by KasketClub

Monday, August 20, 2012


I'm very fortunate to have stumbled across videosforpictures, whose most recent single "Church" caught me totally by surprise.  It's the kind of happy-go-lucky track that makes it hard to resist a smile; the playful intertwine between the pounding piano and striking percussion works well with the melodious vocals.  "Church" also succeeds in its swells of instrumentation, which grow loud and die quick.  It almost seems as though there is a controlled chaos, all of which is blanketed in that awesome lo-fi sound.  "Church" comes as a single off of their forthcoming album, which is due out next month (it hasn't been given a name quite yet).  Besides visiting their SoundCloud, you can check out more from videosforpictures over at Bandcamp or Facebook.  "Church" available for stream below, so enjoy!

 Church by videosforpictures

Friday, August 17, 2012


To close the week I offer you the gift of "Golden Cars", the newly released song from a long-time Audio Splash favorite Hyker.  Hailing from Brussels, I've witnessed Hyker go through his musical evolution first hand.  Originally named Sky Hiker, we've seen him take his ambient instrumentals to new levels, always pushing his personal boundary and finding new niches.  This was true even two years ago around the time that I interviewed him.  Coming back to the present, I'm hoping the world is ready, because now he's starting to get comfortable.  "Golden Cars" is an example of this; the steady beats trudge forward amongst a haze of encompassing synths while the smooth shifts between backing electronics and subdued vocals carry forth effortlessly.  Plus, as he has promised from the very beginning, he has put "Golden Cars" up for free.  You can stream the song below and then snag a download here.  Be sure to check out his past works over at SoundCloud with more information offered at Facebook and Twitter.  You can always visit his homepage as well.  Happy weekends everyone!  See you next time.

 Golden Cars by Hyker

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cloud Seeding

To start off talking about Cloud Seeding, you have to know what the concept behind it is (which is one I think is awesome).  To quote his website, the idea goes as follows: "Cloud Seeding is a music project by guitarist Kevin Serra. The project was conceived as a space for collaboration to showcase vocalists he admires. There is no one signature sound, no fixed or preconceived notions, just a space for improvisation that is free to change".  I just had to give him a shout out for this one, for it's what I think is a huge factor in what music is all about.  Serra has opened up his musical aspirations instead of limiting himself to one sound or idea.  When he sets out to complete a full LP, then yes, maybe it's time to change.  But for now, he's going with the flow and creating what he likes, something he does while simultaneously promoting his favorite singers.  Very cool.  The song below is his most recent contribution; the mellow, simmering, and almost dark "The Light", which features the beautifully voiced Nadine Carina.  Have a listen to it below with further information available at BandcampTumblrFacebook, and SoundCloud.  Enjoy it!

 Cloud Seeding "The Light" (feat. Nadine Carina) by Bleek Records

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Since I've started following MIRS about a year and a half ago, I've seen him go through quite the metamorphosis.  He has developed into a very respectable artist.  Starting up in 2010 when chillwave was becoming more of a phenomenon, MIRS stuck with that hazy, ethereal overlay. It was good, but with his newest single "Take Away" that was released today we see a guy who is working to advance his craft, take some risks, and experiment with the skills he has acquired over the years.  Here, his voiced is drenched reverb, the sequence of the song has a legitimate build-up, and there are far more components that make up the complexity. Besides this, the track also goes through a few transformations, shifting from quiet to loud and busy to uncluttered.  At the moment MIRS is working to get either an EP or full length put out in 2013.  You can find streams and downloads at SoundCloud or Bandcamp, as well as a Facebook page that he just launched, so why not show some love?  "Take Away" below, enjoy!

Monday, August 13, 2012


In a few days I'm going to be on vacation, far from the real world laying in the sun somewhere with the sand between my toes.  Thankfully, I'm already there.  A couple days ago my buddy turned me on to Balue and his Worry Toobs EP. Granted it was released quite some time ago in January, but I couldn't let this one slip by without mention.  Eli Thomas, the man behind the project, specializes in making '60s inspired, psychedelic-tinged, lo-fi surf tunes.  It's the kind you spend all day looking for to complete your summer BBQ playlist, the kind that automatically places you on the beach.  It's similar to those Corona commercials you see on TV that say "find your beach".  Well, in a few days I will have found mine, and I know what will be on my iPod as I let the sun's rays give me a nice, deep soak.  There's a free download offered of Worry Toobs at Bandcamp, so be sure to snag that up.  You can also check out SoundCloud, while Facebook will stay consistent with the updates.  "Australian Summer" streaming below.

 Australian Summer by Balue

Friday, August 10, 2012

Astronauts, etc.

Sometimes all you gotta do is give a man a synth and next thing you know you're off floating in the wisps of clouds.  Anthony Ferraro, the solo man behind the name Astronauts, etc., accomplishes a similar atmosphere with the release of his debut single "Mystery Colors".  The track arrives about a month before the release of his EP Supermelodic Pulp (due out September 10th).  At first glance the name seems fitting; "Mystery Colors" is indeed supermelodic, cradling you in a comfortable bed of slow, mesmerizing dream pop.  The organ and drum machine that backs the track almost sends you into a trance, suspending you in a vacuum of space.  It demonstrates the potential Ferraro has to be a good songwriter; sometimes less is more, and it's very difficult to make that distinction.  If you're interested, there's a video for "Mystery Colors" that you can view here.  He also has a Bandcamp and SoundCloud that offer free downloads.  For social media, be sure to hit up Facebook and Twitter.  Peep it below!

 Mystery Colors by astronautsetc

El Ten Eleven

The word has been spoken, the new El Ten Eleven album TRANSITIONS has been slated for a November 6th release.  How has this not gotten more attention?  Their album El Ten Eleven in 2004 had some of the most chill vibes that I've heard, delivering such greats as the late-night cruiser "My Only Swerving". Just because there have been a few albums since that doesn't mean we shouldn't get excited, and plus there's potential!  We've been given "Thanks Bill", a new single put out to advertise the fresh album.  It's everything you would want from El Ten Eleven, an instrumental post-rock jammer that consists of multiple transformations and shifts.  This time, they've decided some great electronic elements in there as well.  Have a listen to it below, and then head over to their Bandcamp to snag it.  You can also check out their Kickstarter page in promotion of the new album.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


One of the first things I noticed when turning on the new EP Tanzen & Schlafen is how much the music derives from what Daft Punk brought to the forefront of electronic styles.  Kopfklang, the Berlin native, adds some nice flare to the German techno scene with a piercing, instrumental release.  Released on July 20th of this year, Tanzen & Schlafen isn't the kind of techno you'd find yourself dancing to in a club, but instead falls into more of a subgenre that he calls "minimal techno".  What I get from it is that it carries the same idea as techno, huge sounds and dramatic shifts, but without the intent of dancing to it.  It's more of a calming, stationary kind of listening.  That doesn't mean Kopfklang isn't able to paint beautiful soundscapes with his synths, he just approaches it in a slightly different way. Have a listen to "Tanzen" and "Tanzen Statt Schlafen" below, and then head over to Bandcamp to hear more.  FacebookTwitter, and SoundCloud are all good outlets to find out more.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wild Nothing

Looking forward for the remainder of 2012 there are a few releases that really get my blood pumping. Coexist by the xx, Lonerism by Tame Impala, and LongLiveA$AP by A$AP Rocky are a few that top the list and have been receiving ample media coverage.  One that I would have to throw into that mix Nocturne by Wild Nothing, and yet it's one that has seemed to fly under the radar.  2010's Gemini was an utterly fantastic record (plus is one that sounds great on vinyl), and one of my favorites from that year. Naturally, the August 28th release date of Nocturne is a time I have marked on my calendar to initiate maximum listening.  Well yesterday I was greeted with a treat to hold me over; "Paradise", the newest single from Nocturne, met the internet waves.  It's coated in Wild Nothing's classic ethereal glaze, dreamy and expansive, in true '80s fashion.  Have a listen to "Paradise" below, and then head over to the label's SoundCloud, where they have considerately offered it for a free download.  Remember, August 28th is day when magic happens.

 Wild Nothing // "Paradise" by capturedtracks

Tiger Love

It's no surprise that the London-based trio of brothers Tiger Love have been grabbing so much attention lately.  They love the foot-moving hooks, the infectious beats, and the sing-a-long chorus verses.  "Gio Gio" and "Pussy Cocaine", two of their first endeavors, both saw great success with many blogs covering their exploits. Yesterday, though, they released what I think is their best song to date, "Summer Rain".  It's instantly ear-grabbing, hitting you with upbeat synths and falsetto whelps.  Unlike some songs, which take a while to sink in, "Summer Rain" automatically qualifies as a late-night drunken jamfest with a bunch of your best buddies in the back of a car.  If this is how they plan on promoting their upcoming debut album (which is currently being recorded in New York), then by all means don't stop. I've posted "Summer Rain" below for stream, with a music video available here.  There is more available here at SoundCloud and on Facebook.

Summer Rain

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Conner Youngblood

In a follow up to my previous post on Conner Youngblood, yesterday he released a new song called "The Warpath".  The track represents his final single coming off of his forthcoming album Sketches Pt. 2, which is set for an August 28th release.  In true Youngblood fashion, I find there to be a real sense of atmosphere in his songwriting.  In this case, "The Warpath" is a folk-inspired tune that occupies the copious space created by Youngblood's proven talent.  Have a listen to it below.  Afterwards, make sure to hit up all the important social media outlets for updates on any shows, events, and of course Sketches Pt. 2.  Click on the blue for FacebookTwitter, and SoundCloud.

 The Warpath by Conner Youngblood

Booty Thrill

The Dallas native Booty Thrill first started off his music study with guitar as his main instrument, but you wouldn't be able to tell from his newest release Thrillwave. Instead of focusing on guitars, Thrillwave is actually a dream come true for disco and funk aficionados; synthesizers and heavy bass lines are the main arteries that keep it alive.  There is even something here hip-hop heads, for this is the first time that Booty Thrill includes rappers with his mixes.  When all is said and done, the combination of music genres creates a colorful palette.  You can expect electronic, jazz, soul, and even R&B.  I've put "Been So Long" and "Bungalow Funk" below for your listening pleasure, but you can hit up his Bandcamp for a free download of Thrillwave.  Facebook works for some likes, Twitter is up and running, and SoundCloud is good for some streams.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Actual Wolf

Hearty and authentic, the acoustic ballads of Actual Wolf on his new EP present themselves in a genuine light that suitably fit the mold of traditional Americana.  While not full-blown country, its origins owe a lot to the original influences of wholesome roots rock.  I guess this is what you can expect from "one man with a guitar, a lot on his mind, and nothing to lose".  The EP, Lightning & the Wolf, is backed by smooth and heartfelt lyrics while confident vocals usher the message across.  While it's currently available for a digital purchase, Lightning & the Wolf will have CDs and vinyl available on September 21st.  "Bread" and "Hollow Heel" are available for listening below with a Bandcamp page for further streaming and downloading.  Facebook has some great information, while Twitter is loaded with the updates.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Passion Pit

Alas, the moment of fulfillment has passed.  The follow up to Passion Pit's freshman LP Manners has been released, and enough time has ticked by for it to settle in.  Gossamer is an interesting one, to say the least.  As has been advertised by various media outlets and interviews, the themes attacked by lead singer Michael Angelakos are far more mature and emotional than its predecessor. Alcoholism, socialism, love; these are a few topics covered amongst a sea of other inner battles and personal turmoil.  After three years, a long wait for someone's favorite band, Angelakos has revealed himself to us in a very unique way.  He has also shown how his songwriting has progressed, possessing R&B prowess on "Constant Conversations" and crafting piano ballads on "It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy".  Without a doubt it seems like it has been a busy year for Angelakos, but he deserves to give himself a pat on the back for constructing such a solid album and following up just how you're expected to, with something different that doesn't sacrifice the Passion Pit brand.  Is Gossamer better than Manners?  I am not sure yet, but there is plenty of time to answer that later on down the road.  I've posted my two favorite non-singles from Gossamer below, "Cry Like A Ghost" and "It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy", and if you haven't listened to the album already, what have you been doing?!

Cry Like A Ghost

It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Cairos

Earlier this year, the Brisbane group of The Cairos released another EP, one that is entitled Colours Like Feathers.  The rocking, post-punking band did a very good job with it, creating a fast-paced and exciting blur of catchy riffs and boisterous drumming.  What I like about Colours Like Feathers is that the EP has a certain bite to it, the hooks infused into the tracks are good at grabbing you from the start and reeling you in, refusing to let go.  I guess this shouldn't be too surprising; this is their first release in almost two years, so this may be a little bit of their coming out party. I've posted a few songs from the EP below, the tension-ridden "Lena" and the explosive "We All Buy Stars", which also served as a single last year.  For more on The Cairos, you can visit their MySpace (yes, it still exists), Facebook, and of course Bandcamp.


We All Buy Stars

Work Drugs

Since the beginning of Audio Splash, one of the bands that I've had the most frequent correspondence with has been the glo-fi Philly outfit Work Drugs.  One reason why this has happened is because they're incredibly nice dudes, and other is because, well, they make some fantastic music.  In all my time following them they have been able to put out good material at a very consistent rate; in fact, they just recently released the album Absolute Bearing this past July.  Following that up already, today they whipped out a new single "The Art of Progress", a song that they say was originally written in 1994 as a response to U.S. President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin signing the Kremlin accords. Obviously the song was shelved until the present day, 2012, or you would've heard it 18 years ago.  Like much of the material they release, "The Art of Progress" is a smooth jam that emanates a slick, chill vibe.  It's seamless in integrating itself with the classic Work Drugs image; a couple of good friends hanging on a boat during a hot, summer day accompanied with a few good laughs.  Although not on a yacht, the video that goes with it complements that scene.  Listen to "The Art of Progress" below, and if you like it they offer it as a free download over at SoundCloud.  As usual, don't forget about visiting their Facebook (holy shit at 22,000+ likes!), Twitter, or homepage.

 The Art of Progress by Work Drugs

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chris Malinchak

Yesterday I received a notification on Facebook from an artist I 'like' named Chris Malinchak, a New York City musician who produces beats from the lucky label French Express.  Thanks to the ol' Crackbook, I was informed of a new song he released that was accompanied by a caption which simply read: "Dreams that keep me up at night". Lo and behold, the track was entitled "These Dreams", a work that fits superbly with his steady flow of output over the past couple of months.  The beat loops over its 6-minute duration are fresh and energetic, exposing us to his infectious rhythm and ensuring that we won't be bored. Despite the lyrics that repeat "no excuses, no excuses, no excuses, you know what you've done", the overall tone actually functions quite sprightly and fits the bill for those casual summer cruises.  Windows down, of course.  I've posted "These Dreams" below for stream, but for more downloads or information you can take a visit to either SoundCloudFacebook, or Twitter.

 Chris Malinchak - These Dreams by Chris Malinchak

Nervous Cloud

Nervous Cloud is a Chicago-based two piece indie rock band consisting of Travis Lee Wiggins and Sarah Sterling.  Before finding each other, both had been involved in the Chicago circuit circulating through such bands as Essex Chanel, The Salts, and Videotape to name a few.  In 2010 while between projects, the two of them found each other and that's when magic happened. Originally called Friends Having Fun, Sarah and Travis started playing local shows and writing new material, the product of which is their self-titled debut album Nervous Cloud, due out September 9th.  Upon listening to the album (which is streaming here), it seems to me that the main focal point while recording were the lively guitar riffs that find themselves embedded in nearly every song.  More specifically, the combination of guitar and drum is a wonderful thing to behold; both sections are constantly playing off each other, almost like they're competing for attention.  The guitars get loud and edgy, then occasionally die off to the support of the drums, which keep the boat afloat.  The contrast is a lot of fun to listen to, and the catchy melodies make it even better.  As mentioned above, Nervous Cloud isn't out for another month, but they have a lead single "Monarch" available which I've posted for stream below.  To listen to the album, or to download "Monarch", you can head over to their homepage, with more information at their Facebook.


La Boum Fatale

The story of La Boum Fatale begins in 2010 during a media technology course in Hamburg.  It is here that the German duo of Antonio de Spirit and Levente Pavelka met up and got to know each other.  Shortly after, they started to figure out that their music preferences were very similar, and they eventually discovered a mutual interest in starting a band that was "electronic, experimental, cool, and straight-forward".  Their June 29th, 2012 release of Damwild proved to live up to those expectations.  La Boum Fatale plays with a kind of subdued minimalism, electronic tracks that don't flood your headphones but instead lead your ears down a steady, solid road of experimental drum beats and sounds.  Not only is it cool, but it's absorbing.  In case you missed it a few months ago, I've placed their lead single from Damwild, "AAA", below for you to listen to.  As an extra goodie, I've put 9b0 remix of another track "Rumple" there, too.  You can reach La Boum Fatale's Facebook here as well as their SoundCloud here.

 La Boum Fatale - AAA (Single Edit) by Sinnbus

 La Boum Fatale - Rumple (9b0 Remix) by Sinnbus