Thursday, August 9, 2012


One of the first things I noticed when turning on the new EP Tanzen & Schlafen is how much the music derives from what Daft Punk brought to the forefront of electronic styles.  Kopfklang, the Berlin native, adds some nice flare to the German techno scene with a piercing, instrumental release.  Released on July 20th of this year, Tanzen & Schlafen isn't the kind of techno you'd find yourself dancing to in a club, but instead falls into more of a subgenre that he calls "minimal techno".  What I get from it is that it carries the same idea as techno, huge sounds and dramatic shifts, but without the intent of dancing to it.  It's more of a calming, stationary kind of listening.  That doesn't mean Kopfklang isn't able to paint beautiful soundscapes with his synths, he just approaches it in a slightly different way. Have a listen to "Tanzen" and "Tanzen Statt Schlafen" below, and then head over to Bandcamp to hear more.  FacebookTwitter, and SoundCloud are all good outlets to find out more.

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