Friday, August 17, 2012


To close the week I offer you the gift of "Golden Cars", the newly released song from a long-time Audio Splash favorite Hyker.  Hailing from Brussels, I've witnessed Hyker go through his musical evolution first hand.  Originally named Sky Hiker, we've seen him take his ambient instrumentals to new levels, always pushing his personal boundary and finding new niches.  This was true even two years ago around the time that I interviewed him.  Coming back to the present, I'm hoping the world is ready, because now he's starting to get comfortable.  "Golden Cars" is an example of this; the steady beats trudge forward amongst a haze of encompassing synths while the smooth shifts between backing electronics and subdued vocals carry forth effortlessly.  Plus, as he has promised from the very beginning, he has put "Golden Cars" up for free.  You can stream the song below and then snag a download here.  Be sure to check out his past works over at SoundCloud with more information offered at Facebook and Twitter.  You can always visit his homepage as well.  Happy weekends everyone!  See you next time.

 Golden Cars by Hyker

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