Monday, August 13, 2012


In a few days I'm going to be on vacation, far from the real world laying in the sun somewhere with the sand between my toes.  Thankfully, I'm already there.  A couple days ago my buddy turned me on to Balue and his Worry Toobs EP. Granted it was released quite some time ago in January, but I couldn't let this one slip by without mention.  Eli Thomas, the man behind the project, specializes in making '60s inspired, psychedelic-tinged, lo-fi surf tunes.  It's the kind you spend all day looking for to complete your summer BBQ playlist, the kind that automatically places you on the beach.  It's similar to those Corona commercials you see on TV that say "find your beach".  Well, in a few days I will have found mine, and I know what will be on my iPod as I let the sun's rays give me a nice, deep soak.  There's a free download offered of Worry Toobs at Bandcamp, so be sure to snag that up.  You can also check out SoundCloud, while Facebook will stay consistent with the updates.  "Australian Summer" streaming below.

 Australian Summer by Balue

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