Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tiger Love

It's no surprise that the London-based trio of brothers Tiger Love have been grabbing so much attention lately.  They love the foot-moving hooks, the infectious beats, and the sing-a-long chorus verses.  "Gio Gio" and "Pussy Cocaine", two of their first endeavors, both saw great success with many blogs covering their exploits. Yesterday, though, they released what I think is their best song to date, "Summer Rain".  It's instantly ear-grabbing, hitting you with upbeat synths and falsetto whelps.  Unlike some songs, which take a while to sink in, "Summer Rain" automatically qualifies as a late-night drunken jamfest with a bunch of your best buddies in the back of a car.  If this is how they plan on promoting their upcoming debut album (which is currently being recorded in New York), then by all means don't stop. I've posted "Summer Rain" below for stream, with a music video available here.  There is more available here at SoundCloud and on Facebook.

Summer Rain

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