Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wild Nothing

Looking forward for the remainder of 2012 there are a few releases that really get my blood pumping. Coexist by the xx, Lonerism by Tame Impala, and LongLiveA$AP by A$AP Rocky are a few that top the list and have been receiving ample media coverage.  One that I would have to throw into that mix Nocturne by Wild Nothing, and yet it's one that has seemed to fly under the radar.  2010's Gemini was an utterly fantastic record (plus is one that sounds great on vinyl), and one of my favorites from that year. Naturally, the August 28th release date of Nocturne is a time I have marked on my calendar to initiate maximum listening.  Well yesterday I was greeted with a treat to hold me over; "Paradise", the newest single from Nocturne, met the internet waves.  It's coated in Wild Nothing's classic ethereal glaze, dreamy and expansive, in true '80s fashion.  Have a listen to "Paradise" below, and then head over to the label's SoundCloud, where they have considerately offered it for a free download.  Remember, August 28th is day when magic happens.

 Wild Nothing // "Paradise" by capturedtracks

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