Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chris Malinchak

Yesterday I received a notification on Facebook from an artist I 'like' named Chris Malinchak, a New York City musician who produces beats from the lucky label French Express.  Thanks to the ol' Crackbook, I was informed of a new song he released that was accompanied by a caption which simply read: "Dreams that keep me up at night". Lo and behold, the track was entitled "These Dreams", a work that fits superbly with his steady flow of output over the past couple of months.  The beat loops over its 6-minute duration are fresh and energetic, exposing us to his infectious rhythm and ensuring that we won't be bored. Despite the lyrics that repeat "no excuses, no excuses, no excuses, you know what you've done", the overall tone actually functions quite sprightly and fits the bill for those casual summer cruises.  Windows down, of course.  I've posted "These Dreams" below for stream, but for more downloads or information you can take a visit to either SoundCloudFacebook, or Twitter.

 Chris Malinchak - These Dreams by Chris Malinchak

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