Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Cairos

Earlier this year, the Brisbane group of The Cairos released another EP, one that is entitled Colours Like Feathers.  The rocking, post-punking band did a very good job with it, creating a fast-paced and exciting blur of catchy riffs and boisterous drumming.  What I like about Colours Like Feathers is that the EP has a certain bite to it, the hooks infused into the tracks are good at grabbing you from the start and reeling you in, refusing to let go.  I guess this shouldn't be too surprising; this is their first release in almost two years, so this may be a little bit of their coming out party. I've posted a few songs from the EP below, the tension-ridden "Lena" and the explosive "We All Buy Stars", which also served as a single last year.  For more on The Cairos, you can visit their MySpace (yes, it still exists), Facebook, and of course Bandcamp.


We All Buy Stars

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