Monday, August 6, 2012

Actual Wolf

Hearty and authentic, the acoustic ballads of Actual Wolf on his new EP present themselves in a genuine light that suitably fit the mold of traditional Americana.  While not full-blown country, its origins owe a lot to the original influences of wholesome roots rock.  I guess this is what you can expect from "one man with a guitar, a lot on his mind, and nothing to lose".  The EP, Lightning & the Wolf, is backed by smooth and heartfelt lyrics while confident vocals usher the message across.  While it's currently available for a digital purchase, Lightning & the Wolf will have CDs and vinyl available on September 21st.  "Bread" and "Hollow Heel" are available for listening below with a Bandcamp page for further streaming and downloading.  Facebook has some great information, while Twitter is loaded with the updates.

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