Monday, August 20, 2012


I'm very fortunate to have stumbled across videosforpictures, whose most recent single "Church" caught me totally by surprise.  It's the kind of happy-go-lucky track that makes it hard to resist a smile; the playful intertwine between the pounding piano and striking percussion works well with the melodious vocals.  "Church" also succeeds in its swells of instrumentation, which grow loud and die quick.  It almost seems as though there is a controlled chaos, all of which is blanketed in that awesome lo-fi sound.  "Church" comes as a single off of their forthcoming album, which is due out next month (it hasn't been given a name quite yet).  Besides visiting their SoundCloud, you can check out more from videosforpictures over at Bandcamp or Facebook.  "Church" available for stream below, so enjoy!

 Church by videosforpictures

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