Friday, August 24, 2012

Joel Hood

I find it difficult for anyone to approach Joel Hood's music apathetically.  With the swirling synths and hypnotizing drum rhythms, the soundscapes that envelop each track become mesmerizing.  Hood's style is most definitely "chill", the melodies of which are not only easy, but enjoyable, to gulp down.  The gentle and soft sweeps of electronics effortlessly invite the listener into the gentle structure of the tracks. That's one of the aspects I find myself attracted to in Hood's compositions; each song appears to be fragile, delicately constructed by an engineer with an agreeable mindset that is awash in mellow foundations.  Every individual track that he has put out so far seems to stick true to these characteristics, offering a world that is effortless to become lost in.  On September 10th Hood will be releasing his first single through Bad Panda Records, an event that will hopefully launch further material.  Until that time, I have posted "Companero" and "Teardrops" below for stream, with SoundCloud and Twitter to hold you over.

 Campanero by Joel Hood

 Teardrops by Joel Hood

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