Friday, August 10, 2012

Astronauts, etc.

Sometimes all you gotta do is give a man a synth and next thing you know you're off floating in the wisps of clouds.  Anthony Ferraro, the solo man behind the name Astronauts, etc., accomplishes a similar atmosphere with the release of his debut single "Mystery Colors".  The track arrives about a month before the release of his EP Supermelodic Pulp (due out September 10th).  At first glance the name seems fitting; "Mystery Colors" is indeed supermelodic, cradling you in a comfortable bed of slow, mesmerizing dream pop.  The organ and drum machine that backs the track almost sends you into a trance, suspending you in a vacuum of space.  It demonstrates the potential Ferraro has to be a good songwriter; sometimes less is more, and it's very difficult to make that distinction.  If you're interested, there's a video for "Mystery Colors" that you can view here.  He also has a Bandcamp and SoundCloud that offer free downloads.  For social media, be sure to hit up Facebook and Twitter.  Peep it below!

 Mystery Colors by astronautsetc

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