Friday, August 24, 2012

Work Drugs

If the distinct '80s chimes and intimate saxophones of Bon Iver's "Beth/Rest" weren't smooth already, leave it to the kings of slick Work Drugs to remix it up.  In their newest release, they stand up the Bon Iver remix challenge over at Indaba Music using a 10-year-old Packard Bell and an "outdated version" of Windows Sound Recorder. In true Bon Iver fashion, the group traveled to a small cabin in a densely wooded area of the Poconos to find inspiration.  To complete such a competition, I couldn't think of a more fitting environment.  Straight up living the Bon Iver lifestyle (as of a few years ago at least).  Have a listen to the remix below, and if you like it be sure to vote for Work Drugs over here and show them some love.  To keep the track, you can grab the download here.  As has been the case lately, all of the Work Drugs social media has been busy; you can check them out over at SoundCloudFacebookTwitterBandcampMySpace, as well as their official page. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

 Bon Iver - Beth / Rest (Work Drugs Remix) by Work Drugs

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