Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cloud Seeding

To start off talking about Cloud Seeding, you have to know what the concept behind it is (which is one I think is awesome).  To quote his website, the idea goes as follows: "Cloud Seeding is a music project by guitarist Kevin Serra. The project was conceived as a space for collaboration to showcase vocalists he admires. There is no one signature sound, no fixed or preconceived notions, just a space for improvisation that is free to change".  I just had to give him a shout out for this one, for it's what I think is a huge factor in what music is all about.  Serra has opened up his musical aspirations instead of limiting himself to one sound or idea.  When he sets out to complete a full LP, then yes, maybe it's time to change.  But for now, he's going with the flow and creating what he likes, something he does while simultaneously promoting his favorite singers.  Very cool.  The song below is his most recent contribution; the mellow, simmering, and almost dark "The Light", which features the beautifully voiced Nadine Carina.  Have a listen to it below with further information available at BandcampTumblrFacebook, and SoundCloud.  Enjoy it!

 Cloud Seeding "The Light" (feat. Nadine Carina) by Bleek Records

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