Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Since I've started following MIRS about a year and a half ago, I've seen him go through quite the metamorphosis.  He has developed into a very respectable artist.  Starting up in 2010 when chillwave was becoming more of a phenomenon, MIRS stuck with that hazy, ethereal overlay. It was good, but with his newest single "Take Away" that was released today we see a guy who is working to advance his craft, take some risks, and experiment with the skills he has acquired over the years.  Here, his voiced is drenched reverb, the sequence of the song has a legitimate build-up, and there are far more components that make up the complexity. Besides this, the track also goes through a few transformations, shifting from quiet to loud and busy to uncluttered.  At the moment MIRS is working to get either an EP or full length put out in 2013.  You can find streams and downloads at SoundCloud or Bandcamp, as well as a Facebook page that he just launched, so why not show some love?  "Take Away" below, enjoy!

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