Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's hard for me to determine exactly what kind of music the duo of Blondes creates. Obviously, yes, it is electronic, but each song is a long, drawn out enterprise that requires a bit of patience.  Yes, there are plenty of hooks and catchy beats, but it doesn't possess the instant attraction like pop artists (a la Rihanna for example) have.  It's also more subdued and not quite so in-your-face.  Essentially what I'm getting at here is that if you're somewhere like a stereotypical college party or in a club, you would never hear Blondes being played. There are no lyrics, it doesn't have a fast enough tempo, and the songs are way too long in duration.  So while it is "house", and is certainly "electronic", it's not anything you can really dance to.  This isn't at all meant to disregard their debut album that came out this year, in fact Blondes was one of the first releases to come out in 2012 that really wowed me, but for me it seems to put Blondes in a curious position.  Sure, they make incredibly complex, fascinating, and unique songs, but they average music consumer does not appreciate such things.  It also helps to listen to Blondes on repeat occasions, for it's in these moments when the band is able to build the song structure and let the end product simmer in your mind.  I've posted two songs from this year's debut album Blondes below, "Lover" and "Gold", so check 'em out and see for yourself if it's your type of thing.  Enjoy!



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Walkmen

Well well, just as I was getting over how fantastic 2010's Lisbon was, it literally feels like no time before The Walkmen have dropped yet another LP on us.  Now I'm having to go through the trouble of deciding which one I like more, an inconvenience I'm not too upset about.  In the grander picture, it's worth noting just how good a stream of albums The Walkmen have put out. They really are quite amazing, and any doubts I may have had about them putting out another record so quickly was squashed with this year's Heaven.  Carrying the album is Hamilton Leithauser's vocals, his distinct voice clearly revealing Heaven as a Walkmen production.  To me it's the highlight of the entire release, and he's doing things with it that I've never really heard him do before.  This helps Heaven sound refreshing instead of a recycled version of Lisbon, which is what my initial worries were.  I've posted a few of my favorites below for you all to check out, album-opener "We Can't Be Beat" as well as "Song For Leigh", so feel free to have a listen below.

We Can't Be Beat

Song For Leigh


It didn't take long for Dive to pop up on the radar screen after the release of songs like "Sometime" and "How Long Have You Known?", and if you've heard these tracks, you're given a pretty solid idea of what their new album Oshin is all about.  What was also new was their name, which was changed to DIIV before the LP's official release.  In any case, the name change didn't effect the quality of their music; beautiful, guitar-driven summer beach pop.  Much like the styles of Beach Fossils and Real Estate, the calming riffs instill an aura of relaxation, like there isn't a care in the world.  Oshin excels at putting the listener directly in this environment, as they've created a streamlined, consistent, and embodied setting for the ears.  The record contains enough variety throughout the tracklist though to keep people interested.  "(Druun)" is an instrumental ballad that sounds like the opening to a Bruce Springsteen anthem, "Air Conditioning" contains an edgier, biting guitar hook, and "Wait" is driven by its ethereal, hypnotic nature.  The album as a whole goes down really smooth, and it's definitely one of my favorites that I've heard come out so far this year.  Once I get my record player back, I'm pretty certain this will constitute a vinyl purchase.  To get a taste of their dreamier facade, I've posted "Wait" below for your listening pleasure.  Now go listen to the rest of it!  You won't regret it.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Conner Youngblood

Conner Youngblood has been on a pretty good tear as of late.  Besides recently graduating from an unknown, small-town college named Yale University, his songs "Monster" and "A Summer Song" became internet hits almost instantaneously.  Continuing on with his achievements, the blogosphere proved to be big fans of his debut album Sketches Pt. 1, he was a showcased artist at SXSW in March, and also played at the CMJ festival.  The song that's being pushed forward now, though, is "Gold", a take off of his new album conveniently entitled Sketches Pt. 2 (due out later this year).  This song may actually be my favorite that he has put out so far.  I find myself addicted to the fuzzy, slow-burning chords, which help create a very full and complete atmosphere.  So sit back and let this one simmer on you for a while, at least until Sketches Pt. 2 completes its drop...which is hopefully sooner rather than later.  The single is being offered for free over at his SoundCloud, so jump on over yonder for that gift.  You can stay updated on his progress at his Facebook page, and he also has a Twitter if you prefer that. A'ight, I'm peacin'.

 Gold by Conner Youngblood

Bike Warrior

Since my last post was dedicated toward a debut single, I'll stick to a similar path for Bike Warrior, aka Gabriel Conti.  The single in question is called "Whatever Nevermind", which is coming off of the forthcoming album entitled Let It Go.  Conti performed his first DJ set only a year ago in an abandoned house surrounded by his friends at Blckshp Records, the experiences he gained during his recent adventures are reflected not only in this song, but the upcoming album as well.  "Maybe you and me, we are meant to be" is one of the lines sung in repetition on the track, making one wonder exactly what happened in his recent travels.  Especially with a name like "Whatever Nevermind", suggesting a hint of spite, it would appear as though we are in for quite a narrative when the full album drops.  Take a gander at the DJ's infectious electronic jam backed by an incessant rhythm of high-pitched bells and edgy bass, and then march yourself down this way to grab it.

 Bike Warrior - Whatever Nevermind by Blckshp Records


To start off the week I'm gonna throw a little Denver action at you in the form ManCub, which is the alias for producer/multi-instrumentalist Alex Anderson.  On May 25th, he released his debut EP Business Dogs under HUG Records, which included the single "Science".  The song is a wonderful ode to electropop with great utilization of synths and echoed vocals.  While it sounds great as an MP3, Anderson is known for his incredible live sets, which feature a strictly analog set up.  It's for this reason that Anderson has found himself up on stage supporting such acts as Walter Meego, Bag Raiders, and even Mickey Avalon.  This fall he will be continuing such performances as he embarks on his first ever tour.  Show him some support and have a listen to the "Science" single below, following which you can head to his Bandcamp for a free download of the Business Dogs EP.  He also has an informative homepage you can visit, as well as a SoundCloud and a Facebook fan be sure to hit those up.  In the meantime, enjoy!

 Science by ManCub_

Friday, June 22, 2012


About a year and a half ago I had the pleasure of doing a write-up on the aspiring Los Angeles musician Amir Motlagh, who goes by the name MIRS.  At that point in time he had just released his Spin Cycle EP, which also happened to be his debut work under his new moniker.  Fast forward to the present and we're greeted with a new single, a treat I've been waiting for, which is called "Kayla".  While there are a lot a similarities present that carry over from his older material to his newest, it's also abundantly clear that MIRS doesn't plan on sitting still.  "Kayla" showcases his intention to experiment and grow; in general the track is much deeper, flexing his skills on multiple layers of synths, to present a very rich product.  Information hasn't been released one what album or EP this song will go to, but at least now we have something to quench our musical thirst until that time comes.  I've posted the song "Kayla" below, which you can download at either his Bandcamp (which is still offering Spin Cycle for free *hint* *hint*) or SoundCloud. Scoop it!

 Kayla by MIRS

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Folk

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first opened up the Bandcamp page for The Folk. It's not every day that you see music labeled as grunge/pop/rock altogether on that site, but those mix of genres actually make sense for their newly released Say It Again EP (which came out two days ago).  I was impressed with the variety of styles they hit within one release.  The opener "Rules of Youth" is probably what gives the EP a grunge tag, but while it does contain a rough-around-edges lo-fi feel, the vocals pull the song up from the dungeonous depths to create a surprising light atmosphere.  Then afterward, "When I Go Away" eliminates much of the fuzz seen in "Rules of Youth".  It's a cleaner track that soars with upbeat tempos and energetic singing, at points it even sounds chaotic, but comes out with a result that sounds more fun than messy.  Check out both songs below, and then hit up their Bandcamp for a free download.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stayce Dylan

If you're going to release a debut single, you might as well make it good.  Stayce Dylan understands; her first ever song to be released,   "Y€S", is an awesome electronic-infused jam that manages to create a unique sound.  It's recognizable, but distinguishable enough that it's able to make a name for itself.  Like a lot of aspiring artists, Dylan writes and produces all of her music from her room, which is admirable given the fantastic production value of "Y€S". Listening to this on a pair of Sennheisers, I was immediately sucked in with the heavy, pounding back beat, which is eventually layered up with other synth accents.  This ends up creating an infectious build, which cuts abruptly at the end, leaving us wanting more.  Hopefully we'll be indulged with our desires, after all her musical journey suggests that there will be a "fanfare of fun, lighthearted rhythms, and triumphant melodies".  Check out "Y€S" below, with a free download available here.  Also be sure to follow her on Twitter (@StayceDylan) to receive continuing updates on her progress.  Enjoy!

 Y€S by Stayce Dylan

Kites With Lights

Keeping in line with the previous post, I am yet again posting a remix.  It's rare, but with the amount of awesome remixes I'm receiving in my inbox I might just have to make it more commonplace.  This one comes to you from Jonah Cordy, who goes under the name Kites With Lights.  He's just dropped a remix of "This Stuff", which is undoubtedly entitled "This Stuff (Klub Mix)".  It's an addictive little dance tune, upbeat and easily accessible for just about anybody's ears.  Best part is that he's offering it up for free, one option of download being Bandcamp and the other being SoundCloud.  So go snag it up!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I figured this would be a decent opportunity to switch things up a little bit and go with a remix, something I rarely write about.  This one comes to you from the band DrDr, a 3-piece live dance act from Brighton.  The group is already one EP deep, but in preparation for their new EP (which is coming out in a few weeks) they have made their own version of Major Lazer's "Get Free" available for all you great listeners out there. DrDr's take on "Get Free" is a little more spacious, with a lot more room for Amber's vocals to stretch out and breathe.  In doing so, her incredibly unique voice tends to take center stage, but not without a slew of underlying dubstep-inspired electronics.  There is an array of beats present in this remix, with different sections of the song taking on different tempos and rhythms.  It's adventurous, but doesn't try and deviate too far from the original or do too much.  It's a great track, and will definitely be successful in pumping some people up for their upcoming EP.  You can get the free download here at their SoundCloud, or take a visit to their Bandcamp if that's what you prefer.  Oh, and they have a Twitter also.

 Major Lazer - Get Free (DrDr Cover) by DrDr

Sam Page

In between the years of earning a PhD in Philosophy and teaching over 50 college courses, musician Sam Page was playing guitar on and off, contemplating the life of a rock star.  His newly released EP, Waiting for Another Spring, is a step in that direction.  Since its release in April of this year, Spring has been receiving a whole bunch of praise from a variety of sources.  One of the hits, and also probably my favorite song on the EP, is a track entitled "Pass Me By", which won the April Alternative Rock contest at OurStage.  It was selected the victor out of 280 other songs.  Much like the rest of the EP, "Pass By Me" has a fun swing to it, complete with heavy distortion and happy rifts.  It has a power popish feel to it as well, much in the same vein as someone like Weezer.  I've posted that particular song below for your listening enjoyment, but be sure to check out his other material (including the rest of the EP) at his homepage.  Enjoy!

Pass Me By

Monday, June 18, 2012


The last time I caught up with Resistor, he had just released a remake of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games". The song was received very well, and since then he has been hard at work putting out new material (much of which I missed due to my minor hiatus of Audio Splash). Finally I'm able to update all you fine folk on his newest contribution to the musicsphere, a track entitled "Vincent van Gogh".  In it he sings about "the myth of meritocracy and the pain of being an artist without an audience", subject matter which I'm sure is relatable to a lot of aspiring musicians.  His message, as well as his delivery, is very interesting, where he plays on the humor of possible posthumous success, saying that he might as well "give it a try".  It's sarcastic, but it's entertaining and gets the point across. He also mentions that he's "sick of the boring undignified slog, hoping to see my name on some dumb blog".....ouchhh.  Of course, the "dumb blog" he's referring to isn't Audio Splash at all.  No way.  Anywho, you can download the new track here on SoundCloud, and in the meantime you can stream "Vincent van Gogh" below.  Peace homies.

 Vincent van Gogh by resistorsings

Wild Eyes

One of the things I've come to love about the shoegaze genre is that it's very anthemic; talented shoegazers use waterfalls of sound and bursts of noise that are very colorful.  The whitewash of chords has a particular artistry that can be either hit or miss, either the surge of energies is successful or it sounds like a waste.  Luckily when it's on, it's fucking awesome.  The L.A. based band Wild Eyes has a keen sense of what's catchy, and their newly released Blue Haze EP exemplifies this.  The 4-song release is an impressive debut, especially for a style of music that can fall apart so quickly.  Blue Haze holds it together, though, in what sounds like a mix of classic alt-rock like My Bloody Valentine and the sprawling arena-sized instrumentation of early U2.  Hopefully we'll see more outta these guys soon, and it'll be interesting to see where they take their sound from here.  In the meantime, I've posted two songs from the EP, the opener "Blue Haze" as well as "When Its Over".  Hit up Bandcamp for a download!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Way back when in 2009, I was too young and naive to appreciate anything released by the Japandroids.  That year's Post-Nothing was simply too harsh on my virgin ears.  Since then not only have my music tastes developed and changed, but I've also read the book Our Band Could Be Your Life, which has given me a new respect for anything under the punk umbrella.  Enter Celebration Rock, this year's sophomore follow-up to their debut.  It's crazy what three years can do, because I am officially hooked.  To start off, the name Celebration Rock couldn't be more accurate; nearly every song is some variation of a head-bopping punk party anthem complete with screaming, chanting, and a sentiment of throwing your inhibitions into the wind.  To match these characteristics, the Japandroids successfully manage to instill the revelry of youth in their tracks.  Maybe it's because I've recently emerged out of my friends' graduation week of college and I'm already feeling slightly nostalgic, but the pure volume and rambunctiousness is something I find myself relating to very much.  This is exemplified in "Younger Us", where they reminisce "remember that night you were already in bed, said 'fuck it' got up to drink with me instead!?"  While this might not garner the creative seal of approval from my parents lyrically, there are a few songs where their songwriting prowess cannot be denied.
"The House That Heaven Built", for example, is about a complex relationship with an old girlfriend that he's responsible for botching.  With the pure emotion emanating vocally, it's easy to deduct that he's still in love with her, but he has no choice but to let her go.  It's not an easy story to tell in four minutes, but Japandroids accomplish this feat with gusto, achieving much of the narrative with an implied inflection in their voice.  It may not be for everyone, like those that are punk averse, but it's a must listen for anyone else, especially people who like a good study on awesome guitar work. So don't wait, throw it on and get ready to party.

The Nights of Wine and Roses

Evil's Sway

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sad Soul Circus

So it goes a little something like this....Ableton is a music software company well-known for its program Ableton Live, and they've teamed up with SoundCloud for a special contest.  A downloadable pack of sounds from artists like Junior Boys and Nosaj Thing is available to all Live users.  As soon as the pack has finished downloading, the artist has 24 hours to use the loops, stems, and presets to create a new, original track.  The winner is based on the votes from the SoundCloud community as well as the artists themselves.  The idea is pretty neat.  For the competition Sad Soul Circus has sent me his remix using M83 loops in a track that (I believe) is called "24 Hours", and since M83 is involved I was interested immediately.  Like you would expect from an M83 remix, the final product exists in an air of synth-soaked tones and floaty accents.  These features are used to create a relaxed mood, playing the "chill" card instead of aiming for a grandiose wave of inspiration (which M83 also does well).  Perhaps this is because Sad Soul Circus says he made the track at 5 AM following an intoxicating night at the clubs.  Anyway, have a listen to the short "24 Hours" below.  If you want to listen/download other material from Sad Soul Circus, hit up his SoundCloud or his Bandcamp for some free goodies.  For more information on the contest, which ends June 15th, check out the homepage, and if you want to give Sad Soul Circus your vote, you can find the submission here.  Enjoy!

 Ableton beat the clock - Sad Soul Circus feat. M83 - 24 Hours (Free Download 320kbps) by Sad Soul Circus

Sun Club

Right from the get-go it's easy to see that Annapolis, Maryland natives Sun Club had a fun time putting together their debut full length, Sun Club.  Looking at it exclusively from an external perspective, it's impossible to ignore such track names like "Sand Is Overrated", "Drunk Puppies", and "Repulsive On Chocolate". The artwork for the cover is also catchy, bringing to mind the aesthetic of indie rock bands from the '90s like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr.  This kind of laid-back approach to creating an album really shines through in the actual content of Sun Club as well.  The songs tend to be all over the place, exhibiting a sense of youthful experimentation within each.  Guitars are loud and in your face one moment, only to be more suppressed and law-abiding the next moment. By this of course I am referring to the push and pull of their explosions of musical energy alongside subdued riffs; many of the tracks on the album contain a frantic build-up followed by a exhaling release.  To get a sense of what I'm talking about, check out a favorite "Spring Diamond" below.  Further listening can be heard on their Bandcamp.