Friday, June 22, 2012


About a year and a half ago I had the pleasure of doing a write-up on the aspiring Los Angeles musician Amir Motlagh, who goes by the name MIRS.  At that point in time he had just released his Spin Cycle EP, which also happened to be his debut work under his new moniker.  Fast forward to the present and we're greeted with a new single, a treat I've been waiting for, which is called "Kayla".  While there are a lot a similarities present that carry over from his older material to his newest, it's also abundantly clear that MIRS doesn't plan on sitting still.  "Kayla" showcases his intention to experiment and grow; in general the track is much deeper, flexing his skills on multiple layers of synths, to present a very rich product.  Information hasn't been released one what album or EP this song will go to, but at least now we have something to quench our musical thirst until that time comes.  I've posted the song "Kayla" below, which you can download at either his Bandcamp (which is still offering Spin Cycle for free *hint* *hint*) or SoundCloud. Scoop it!

 Kayla by MIRS

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