Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's hard for me to determine exactly what kind of music the duo of Blondes creates. Obviously, yes, it is electronic, but each song is a long, drawn out enterprise that requires a bit of patience.  Yes, there are plenty of hooks and catchy beats, but it doesn't possess the instant attraction like pop artists (a la Rihanna for example) have.  It's also more subdued and not quite so in-your-face.  Essentially what I'm getting at here is that if you're somewhere like a stereotypical college party or in a club, you would never hear Blondes being played. There are no lyrics, it doesn't have a fast enough tempo, and the songs are way too long in duration.  So while it is "house", and is certainly "electronic", it's not anything you can really dance to.  This isn't at all meant to disregard their debut album that came out this year, in fact Blondes was one of the first releases to come out in 2012 that really wowed me, but for me it seems to put Blondes in a curious position.  Sure, they make incredibly complex, fascinating, and unique songs, but they average music consumer does not appreciate such things.  It also helps to listen to Blondes on repeat occasions, for it's in these moments when the band is able to build the song structure and let the end product simmer in your mind.  I've posted two songs from this year's debut album Blondes below, "Lover" and "Gold", so check 'em out and see for yourself if it's your type of thing.  Enjoy!



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