Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bike Warrior

Since my last post was dedicated toward a debut single, I'll stick to a similar path for Bike Warrior, aka Gabriel Conti.  The single in question is called "Whatever Nevermind", which is coming off of the forthcoming album entitled Let It Go.  Conti performed his first DJ set only a year ago in an abandoned house surrounded by his friends at Blckshp Records, the experiences he gained during his recent adventures are reflected not only in this song, but the upcoming album as well.  "Maybe you and me, we are meant to be" is one of the lines sung in repetition on the track, making one wonder exactly what happened in his recent travels.  Especially with a name like "Whatever Nevermind", suggesting a hint of spite, it would appear as though we are in for quite a narrative when the full album drops.  Take a gander at the DJ's infectious electronic jam backed by an incessant rhythm of high-pitched bells and edgy bass, and then march yourself down this way to grab it.

 Bike Warrior - Whatever Nevermind by Blckshp Records

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