Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Way back when in 2009, I was too young and naive to appreciate anything released by the Japandroids.  That year's Post-Nothing was simply too harsh on my virgin ears.  Since then not only have my music tastes developed and changed, but I've also read the book Our Band Could Be Your Life, which has given me a new respect for anything under the punk umbrella.  Enter Celebration Rock, this year's sophomore follow-up to their debut.  It's crazy what three years can do, because I am officially hooked.  To start off, the name Celebration Rock couldn't be more accurate; nearly every song is some variation of a head-bopping punk party anthem complete with screaming, chanting, and a sentiment of throwing your inhibitions into the wind.  To match these characteristics, the Japandroids successfully manage to instill the revelry of youth in their tracks.  Maybe it's because I've recently emerged out of my friends' graduation week of college and I'm already feeling slightly nostalgic, but the pure volume and rambunctiousness is something I find myself relating to very much.  This is exemplified in "Younger Us", where they reminisce "remember that night you were already in bed, said 'fuck it' got up to drink with me instead!?"  While this might not garner the creative seal of approval from my parents lyrically, there are a few songs where their songwriting prowess cannot be denied.
"The House That Heaven Built", for example, is about a complex relationship with an old girlfriend that he's responsible for botching.  With the pure emotion emanating vocally, it's easy to deduct that he's still in love with her, but he has no choice but to let her go.  It's not an easy story to tell in four minutes, but Japandroids accomplish this feat with gusto, achieving much of the narrative with an implied inflection in their voice.  It may not be for everyone, like those that are punk averse, but it's a must listen for anyone else, especially people who like a good study on awesome guitar work. So don't wait, throw it on and get ready to party.

The Nights of Wine and Roses

Evil's Sway

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