Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sam Page

In between the years of earning a PhD in Philosophy and teaching over 50 college courses, musician Sam Page was playing guitar on and off, contemplating the life of a rock star.  His newly released EP, Waiting for Another Spring, is a step in that direction.  Since its release in April of this year, Spring has been receiving a whole bunch of praise from a variety of sources.  One of the hits, and also probably my favorite song on the EP, is a track entitled "Pass Me By", which won the April Alternative Rock contest at OurStage.  It was selected the victor out of 280 other songs.  Much like the rest of the EP, "Pass By Me" has a fun swing to it, complete with heavy distortion and happy rifts.  It has a power popish feel to it as well, much in the same vein as someone like Weezer.  I've posted that particular song below for your listening enjoyment, but be sure to check out his other material (including the rest of the EP) at his homepage.  Enjoy!

Pass Me By

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