Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Conner Youngblood

Conner Youngblood has been on a pretty good tear as of late.  Besides recently graduating from an unknown, small-town college named Yale University, his songs "Monster" and "A Summer Song" became internet hits almost instantaneously.  Continuing on with his achievements, the blogosphere proved to be big fans of his debut album Sketches Pt. 1, he was a showcased artist at SXSW in March, and also played at the CMJ festival.  The song that's being pushed forward now, though, is "Gold", a take off of his new album conveniently entitled Sketches Pt. 2 (due out later this year).  This song may actually be my favorite that he has put out so far.  I find myself addicted to the fuzzy, slow-burning chords, which help create a very full and complete atmosphere.  So sit back and let this one simmer on you for a while, at least until Sketches Pt. 2 completes its drop...which is hopefully sooner rather than later.  The single is being offered for free over at his SoundCloud, so jump on over yonder for that gift.  You can stay updated on his progress at his Facebook page, and he also has a Twitter if you prefer that. A'ight, I'm peacin'.

 Gold by Conner Youngblood

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