Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I figured this would be a decent opportunity to switch things up a little bit and go with a remix, something I rarely write about.  This one comes to you from the band DrDr, a 3-piece live dance act from Brighton.  The group is already one EP deep, but in preparation for their new EP (which is coming out in a few weeks) they have made their own version of Major Lazer's "Get Free" available for all you great listeners out there. DrDr's take on "Get Free" is a little more spacious, with a lot more room for Amber's vocals to stretch out and breathe.  In doing so, her incredibly unique voice tends to take center stage, but not without a slew of underlying dubstep-inspired electronics.  There is an array of beats present in this remix, with different sections of the song taking on different tempos and rhythms.  It's adventurous, but doesn't try and deviate too far from the original or do too much.  It's a great track, and will definitely be successful in pumping some people up for their upcoming EP.  You can get the free download here at their SoundCloud, or take a visit to their Bandcamp if that's what you prefer.  Oh, and they have a Twitter also.

 Major Lazer - Get Free (DrDr Cover) by DrDr

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