Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sad Soul Circus

So it goes a little something like this....Ableton is a music software company well-known for its program Ableton Live, and they've teamed up with SoundCloud for a special contest.  A downloadable pack of sounds from artists like Junior Boys and Nosaj Thing is available to all Live users.  As soon as the pack has finished downloading, the artist has 24 hours to use the loops, stems, and presets to create a new, original track.  The winner is based on the votes from the SoundCloud community as well as the artists themselves.  The idea is pretty neat.  For the competition Sad Soul Circus has sent me his remix using M83 loops in a track that (I believe) is called "24 Hours", and since M83 is involved I was interested immediately.  Like you would expect from an M83 remix, the final product exists in an air of synth-soaked tones and floaty accents.  These features are used to create a relaxed mood, playing the "chill" card instead of aiming for a grandiose wave of inspiration (which M83 also does well).  Perhaps this is because Sad Soul Circus says he made the track at 5 AM following an intoxicating night at the clubs.  Anyway, have a listen to the short "24 Hours" below.  If you want to listen/download other material from Sad Soul Circus, hit up his SoundCloud or his Bandcamp for some free goodies.  For more information on the contest, which ends June 15th, check out the homepage, and if you want to give Sad Soul Circus your vote, you can find the submission here.  Enjoy!

 Ableton beat the clock - Sad Soul Circus feat. M83 - 24 Hours (Free Download 320kbps) by Sad Soul Circus

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