Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sun Club

Right from the get-go it's easy to see that Annapolis, Maryland natives Sun Club had a fun time putting together their debut full length, Sun Club.  Looking at it exclusively from an external perspective, it's impossible to ignore such track names like "Sand Is Overrated", "Drunk Puppies", and "Repulsive On Chocolate". The artwork for the cover is also catchy, bringing to mind the aesthetic of indie rock bands from the '90s like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr.  This kind of laid-back approach to creating an album really shines through in the actual content of Sun Club as well.  The songs tend to be all over the place, exhibiting a sense of youthful experimentation within each.  Guitars are loud and in your face one moment, only to be more suppressed and law-abiding the next moment. By this of course I am referring to the push and pull of their explosions of musical energy alongside subdued riffs; many of the tracks on the album contain a frantic build-up followed by a exhaling release.  To get a sense of what I'm talking about, check out a favorite "Spring Diamond" below.  Further listening can be heard on their Bandcamp.

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