Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stayce Dylan

If you're going to release a debut single, you might as well make it good.  Stayce Dylan understands; her first ever song to be released,   "Y€S", is an awesome electronic-infused jam that manages to create a unique sound.  It's recognizable, but distinguishable enough that it's able to make a name for itself.  Like a lot of aspiring artists, Dylan writes and produces all of her music from her room, which is admirable given the fantastic production value of "Y€S". Listening to this on a pair of Sennheisers, I was immediately sucked in with the heavy, pounding back beat, which is eventually layered up with other synth accents.  This ends up creating an infectious build, which cuts abruptly at the end, leaving us wanting more.  Hopefully we'll be indulged with our desires, after all her musical journey suggests that there will be a "fanfare of fun, lighthearted rhythms, and triumphant melodies".  Check out "Y€S" below, with a free download available here.  Also be sure to follow her on Twitter (@StayceDylan) to receive continuing updates on her progress.  Enjoy!

 Y€S by Stayce Dylan

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