Monday, July 2, 2012

Work Drugs

I was granted a healthy dose of excitement today when I learned of the fact that there was a new Work Drugs single that came out recently.  The track, entitled "Pluto", is follow up to the previous single "License to Drive", and will be featured on their new, upcoming album Absolute Bearing due out on Bobby Cahn Records on July 10th.  "Pluto" continues pushing forward the dreamy, laid-back summer vibe that Work Drugs has done so well in establishing.  In this they've even included a rousing saxophone to close it out...smooth and satisfying.  According to their page it's about someone who they once loved, but now don't even recognize.  Be sure to have a listen to it below, which can be followed by a trip over to their SoundCloud for a free download.  Check in on their homepage, or follow them on Twitter for updates on their new record Absolute Bearing, which is sure to be a winner.  Enjoy!

 Pluto by Work Drugs

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