Thursday, July 26, 2012


One of the EPs I've been I've been listening to a lot recently is the self-titled debut Coasta, which would obviously be by the band Coasta.  For a start-up band (one that formed this year) the production quality on Coasta is incredible; it's extremely clean and easy to hear, a characteristic which doesn't get much credit when it's there but is terribly noticeable when not.  Besides this technicality, Coasta does an incredibly good job of fusing genres to create a unique ambiance. First and foremost they're indie rock, but there are also folk, pop, and alternative undertones that aid in keeping everything feeling new and fresh.  From start to finish, Coasta manages to hook you and carry the listener through its duration without feeling bored or cheated on your time.  To get a hand on the EP, you can visit their Bandcamp, and for any further information you can head over to their Facebook.    "The Slide" and "Young Blood", two cuts from Coasta, posted below. Hit it up!

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