Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This one comes to you nice and piping hot off the press. Released not but a few hours ago is a single from UK's four-piece Reeds, an A-side "Gardening" matched with the "Sea Bed" B-side. Both are remarkably different, "Gardening" being doused with country influences while "Sea Bed" is a way more nostalgic instrumental piece. The two are united under one common branch, though, which would be that their foundations are rooted in acoustic composition.  They also lean more towards a breezy, freewheeling kind of summer groove.  I can see it now, picture a warm summer day, not too hot and with a refreshing wind, perhaps with a ladyfriend, a good smile, and the glistening water of the ocean by your side.  "Sea Bed" just seems to remind me of a great day, maybe time well spent for a day off from work.  The two songs have been released ahead of some new music and live shows later this year.  Below you can check out "Sea Bed", and don't forget to make a stop over at their Bandcamp for streams and downloads.  Facebook is up and at 'em too.

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