Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hunting Grounds

Jumping back in time three years, the sextet that is currently called Hunting Grounds used to go by the name Howl.  Labeled as "rambunctious high-school buddies", this is more than befitting, and it would seem as though it's this trait that gives them the passion to perform live.  Still back in 2009, it was under this moniker they won the Triple J Unearthed High competition and jump-started their career, adapting to Hunting Grounds and releasing an EP in 2010 (they had another in 2010 still under Howl).  Now, we see the culmination of their history in the form of In Hindsight, their debut album.  Much of their playing style remains constant; they're loud, complex, and do all they can to fill your speakers with wonderfully orchestrated organized chaos.  As they say, their ideas are just as big as their ambition, and it seems pretty clear to me that In Hindsight is a testament to this claim.  I have posted two of my favorites below, "Wings" and "Mind Decays", so go ahead and stream those.  The album is available for stream here, and they also have a homepage which can help link you to all outlets of their social media.


Mind Decays

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  1. pretty cool find. just now listening to 'wings'. think I was meant to hear this. it's great actually. nice end of day vibe.