Friday, July 27, 2012

Lonsdale Boys Club

To follow up a recent Lonsdale Boys Club post, as well as a more recent Twin Shadow post, I figured it'd be best to fuse the two together.  In preparation for their new single on September 2nd, "Ready To Go", and their debut album after that on September 10th, Lonsdale Boys Club has put out a remix to Twin Shadow's "Golden Light", the opening track off of Confess.  To describe it in simplest terms, the mix is just what you would expect if "Golden Light" was intended to be a club track from the beginning.  For those who are fans of Twin Shadow, there is probably something you can take away from this. Have a listen to it below, and then don't be hesitant to hit up the SoundCloud for a free download.

 Twin Shadow - Golden Light (Lonsdale Boys Club Remix) by Lonsdale Boys Club

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