Friday, July 6, 2012

Fierce Creatures

The last time I caught up with Fierce Creatures was over a year ago when they had recently put out their I Mostri Feroci EP, a release that was lavishly decorated in an ornate variety of textures. It was no more than 10 days later that I was on a plane about to start my travels abroad.  Under these circumstances I lost touch with the band's whereabouts. Luckily this all changed the other day when they informed me of the upcoming release of their new album, Catacomb Party, and accompanying single, coincidently entitled "Catacomb Party".  With 7 people completing the band, the single is just as much full as their previous EP; it's loud and slightly chaotic, driven by frantic guitars and boisterous drums.  As they say, "the product is a cultivated art-pop that fluctuates from delicate anthems to soaring ballads", and for anyone familiar with the band this shouldn't come as a surprise.  As I've come to know Fierce Creatures, one thing for sure is that they have a lot of ideas and love to experiment, a valuable trait that works in their favor.  When listening to "Catacomb Party", I think that this aspect of their personality is clear.  Have a listen to it below, and keep a watch out for the Catacomb Party LP tentatively scheduled for an August 7th release date.  SoundCloud has it up for a download.

 Fierce Creatures - Catacomb Party by Paper Garden Records

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