Wednesday, July 11, 2012


If you take a look at the album art for Things Can Change, the debut album from the Texas based band Madràs, you will see a beautifully serene, nostalgic, aquatic setting.  That's at first glance; looking closer you will see a faded figure with his arms open, almost like he is embracing the undeniable tranquility being observed.  Looking at it this way, it couldn't be a more perfect cover.  Madràs was first introduced to me as "nothing short of ethereal", which is about as correct as can be.  The two brothers that comprise Madràs have put together a gorgeous compilation of delicate, soft, and dreamy songs that makes it feel like your conscience has been placed on a pillow.  Things Can Change is airy and spacious, and it does quite a good job of developing an environment; "Reprise" is basically a sound collage of nightly insects, and the short "Bangalore" depicts a fuzzy street scene.  These are the accents which help Things Can Change become a whole concept, and it works wonderfully.  It could've been easy to break the streak of these fragile songs, they're so light that it feels like the slightest addition could've destroyed their gossamer qualities.  Luckily, this doesn't happen.  I've posted two songs from Things Can Change below, "Tracing Paper" and "Once I", so if you want a taste of their careful arrangements and magnificent harmonies, you can do so below.  The album in full can be streamed or purchased at their Bandcamp.

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