Thursday, July 26, 2012

Twin Shadow

As all of you are probably aware by now, Twin Shadow has officially released his sophomore album Confess to some very good reviews. While I don't feel like it has quite the hook that Forget did, it's still incredibly well-done and will certainly place high on my year end list.  It's evident in Confess that he's trying something new, pushing for new ideas and new atmospheres.  A lot of the time he's successful, as a whole Confess comes across as more jagged and rough, not always as smooth or groovy as Forget.  Anyway, I'm sure if you're reading this you've probably already heard it, and if not I am confident you will soon.  I just wanted to show some love for what has become one of my favorite songs this year, and may honestly be my favorite Twin Shadow song ("I Can't Wait" being the competition) of all-time, "Beg For The Night".  So here you are, enjoy!

Beg For The Night

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