Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Terracotta Blue

I think one of the most impressive things about Terracotta Blue is the consistency in which he is able to put out new music.  Ever since I've subscribed to his new releases on Bandcamp there has been a bombardment of e-mails.  The previous time I wrote a post on him was last December, and since then he has put out like, what....26 EPs?!  I can't keep up!  To add to how impressive he is, it should also be noted that the music he releases is actually very good, and conditions are no different on his Skylines EP (which came out today).  Skylines is the product of a mix of various genres and styles of music, in it we see chillwave, electronic, and downtempo influences.  Parts of it are even a little glitchy, an approach that he seems to have been using more frequently as of late.  I've posted two songs, "Nature" and "32nd Floor" below.  If you like them you can hit up both Bandcamp and SoundCloud for streams and downloads (he loves givin' away the freebies).  Facebook is also good.

 Nature by Terracotta Blue

 32nd Floor by Terracotta Blue

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