Monday, July 30, 2012

Trails and Ways

Hailing from the great state of California, the Oakland natives that comprise Trails and Ways have officially released the follow-up to their successful debut single "Nunca".  Their new effort, "Mtn Tune", follows much in the footsteps as its predecessor, putting forth laid-back guitar licks on a faster, uptempo backdrop. One thing that Trails and Ways adds to "Mtn Tune" is the emphasis on female vocals, which flow perfectly with the rest of the song. When putting it all together, "Mtn Tune" functions beautifully to coexist with summer chill sessions, beach drives, or just about any kind of get together you can think of.  Obviously, it's great to listen to solo as well.  I've posted a stream of "Mtn Tune" below, so be sure to check that out.  You can grab a download of it at SoundCloud, and after you've done that you can 'like' them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.  Go do what you gotta do.


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