Friday, July 6, 2012

Kasket Club

According to the e-mail that was sent to me, Kasket Club is the product of two friends who just decided that they wanted to make music together.  The idea really does appear pretty fresh; they're new song "Moody Melody" came out 5 days ago, another called "White Nights" 11 days ago, and their Facebook page was created only on June 25th of this year.  Despite this, their sound feels undeniably stimulating, with "Moody Melody" carrying an edgy, more aggressive style of chillwave to it.  "White Nights" is smoother but doesn't lack a wonderful backing drumbeat to support the spine of the rhythm.  I've posted both of their songs below, and you have access to their Facebook above.  Only thing I'm missing is their SoundCloud link, which you can reach here.  Have a listen to them and get pumped for future songs!  I'm sure they're going to be fantastic.

 Kasket Club - Moody Melody by KasketClub

 Kasket Club - White Nights by KasketClub

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