Friday, July 20, 2012

Western Walk

It wasn't too long ago that Western Walk released his first EP to the world of Bandcamp, on March 6th of this year Future, Mirror starting making its rounds throughout the internet to some good praise.  It was just over two months later that Tobi Soetan, the solo man behind Western Walk, put out Fade Into Oceans in what was his debut album.  In the world of Bandcamp where some great music can get buried, I'm lucky to have stumbled across this find.  I like his style; a lot of his songs are driven by a bold, outstanding, and most importantly infectious synth line with backing hazes that envelop the track in a dreamy state.  For someone who is writing and producing all of the songs by themselves, and releasing a full album a mere two months after an EP, the result is wholly satisfying and definitely worth a few listens.  I've posted two songs below, "Swim" and "Beyond" for your listening pleasure.  If you wanna grab Fade Into Oceans, you can do so at a name-your-price basis at Bandcamp, or you can stream other tracks on his SoundCloud.  You can follow him on Twitter, but if you don't have one then you can like him on Facebook or check him on MySpace.  If you don't have any of those then you're out of luck, and why are you on the internet?

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