Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zebra and Snake

The two Finnish-born friends Tapio and Matti, acting under the band name Zebra and Snake, grew up in a small town called Alajarvi, the kind where "everyone knows each other".  So it's curious to see that two people from two different backgrounds within this tiny community would pair up to form a band.  Matti grew up with a self-diagnosed "synthesizer fetish" while Tapio was born in a group of religious Lutherans, but somehow the matching proved to be successful and the culmination of time gave birth to the single "Empty Love Song".  The song is part of their debut album, Healing Music, which is due out on August 20th.  It's backed by hazy synths and fitted with pop undertones, and carries the intention  of a "background [where] there's always something healing or comforting, the atmosphere in the music connects with that phrase".  You can stream the song below, and if you want to you can head over to their SoundCloud for a download.

 Empty Love Song (Radio Edit) by 100% Records

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