Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daddy Lion

While Logic and Ableton may take the cake when it comes to advanced music production software, it's still possible to put out high quality material with the free program Garageband.  How do I know this?  Experience; I've listened to Daddy Lion's debut album Habitat, which was recorded using the software in a bedroom in Columbia, South Carolina. The collection is a well put together conglomerate of social criticisms and self-confessions, all to the tune of some wonderfully crafted melodies and sophisticated textures.  Habitat puts forth an obvious lo-fi feel to it, which to me is a genre that helps add intimacy to music.  This mainly establishes the atmosphere though, the style of songwriting is much more indebted to '90s alternative rock, and even some indie rock from that time period (a lot of which is actually lo-fi).  All in all though, through this release it seems as though Daddy Lion is looking for some answers, some kind of revelation about the world.  "I am a driver out upon an alien road, I follow signs that lead me to a place I do not know" is sung in "The Driver", while we hear "In a quiet town, passing as anybody around, I'm confused as such, you don't wanna get near my touch" in "Werewolf".  The more you listen, the more it becomes obvious that there is ample analysis going on.  You can get a start by taking a listen to "No Solution But Resolution" and "Electric Malaise" below.  If you like what you hear, Bandcamp offers a free download (bargain!!), following which you hit the ol' "like" button on his Facebook.

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