Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Rebel Light

The Catalpa Music Festival in New York City is absolutely stacked this year; Snoop Dogg, The Black Keys, TV On the Radio, Girl Talk, and A$AP Rocky are all included on the bill.  That's quite a list, and so it must be utterly thrilling for the up-and-coming band The Rebel Light to see their names right up there with the best.  How can you further that accomplishment?  You can record the vocals of your breakout song "Goodbye Serenade" in a bathroom accompanied with drum sections played in a shed.  Despite these truths about The Rebel Light, the production is surprising slick and lays down a wonderful foundation (which includes trumpets and xylophones) for the story of a breakup.  "I couldn't tell if you've changed, or does the darkness remain?  I'm just a stranger to you, a picture of someone you knew" are some of the lyrics that grabbed me, and I'm hoping they will hook you also.  Stream "Goodbye Serenade" below, and pick up the free download here.

 Goodbye Serenade by TheRebelLight

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