Monday, July 2, 2012


It would appear as though I am a little late in discovering the Toronto band Bravestation, but as they all say: "Better late than never". In this situation I find it to be true, for I have been thoroughly enjoying the listens to their single "Western Thrills", which is off of their upcoming album Giants & Dreamers.  Coming out on July 10th, the records appears set for an appropriate summer release.  You see, Bravestation specializes in a tropical, at times Balearic, and spacey methods of composition, which is probably the reasoning for why they've supported such bands as Wintersleep, YACHT, Young Galaxy, and Tanlines. That's not to mention the achievement of touring the UK last year, which I'm sure was a bloody good time.  To have a listen to "Western Thrills" feel free to stream it below, but you can also head over to their Bandcamp to pre-order the incoming record.  It's also there where you can download "Western Thrills" as well as the two singles that came before it. Snag it!

 Western Thrills by Bravestation

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