Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vulgar Refund Of The Proverbial Shock

Before you ask yourself anything, allow me to answer a question that is probably searing through your skull right now.  Yes, the image you are viewing to the right of this text is the album cover for Vulgar Refund Of The Proverbial Shock's forthcoming release, entitled AKA.  If nothing else, the picture fits in perfectly with the one word I see constantly popping up on all of their media pages: "peculiar". Allow me to tell you first hand; this is truth.  Yet, peculiar bands have a strange way of captivating you, and I would be lying if I told you I wasn't enjoying their two singles "Emergency" and "Addiction".  VROTPS is a French group in every sense of the word, not only are they from France but they make some serious French-infused electropop shoe-shakers.  It's very upbeat and catchy, edited down a little bit and there is some definite club material to be had.  Not to mention, much like their album photo, they're extremely provocative.  "I like it when I wear your dress, I like the way it feels on me, I like it when I make a mess" is one of the verses in "Addiction", followed by "I like the way you play your game, and all the dirty things you do, I like the way you scream my name, when I give it all to you".  Odd, yes, but I can't deny the fact that I've been jamming out to it today.  It's actually very good.  Anyway, I wanted to give you all some dance music for the 4th of July festivities!  I realized how rude I was in my last post for not wishing you all a happy holiday and relaxing day off. So have fun today at your BBQs, drink lots of beer, and most importantly stay safe!  If you feel like streaming "Emergency", I've placed it below, but if it is the strange "Addiction" you want, I'll link you over to their SoundCloud.  Happy 4th of July everybody!  Enjoy!!

 Emergency by Vulgar Refund Of The Proverbial Shock

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