Thursday, July 26, 2012


In early March I had the pleasure of writing up on Aylen, who had just completed a remix on Distantt's "Infinity".  I instantly fell for the track, as did my friends who I played it for at parties and the like. Today he has officially released a new single "On Fire", which comes in EP format when the remixes of it are included.  The track "On Fire" has been in Aylen's arsenal for quite some time now, but it was used exclusively for his live performances.  He has said that this song was actually his "secret weapon", but that it was about time to make it available to the public.  So there ya have it folks, the secret is out!  "On Fire" categorizes itself nicely with Aylen's lineup; obviously it's very uptempo, intended to move your feet, and includes all aspects that make great moombahthon, including plenty of "hype vocals, bass, and laser sounds".  I've posted the original below, as well as my favorite remix of the collection, by Xristo.  Stream them below, but then head over to SoundCloud to get all of them permanently secured onto your hard drive.  More on Aylen can be found here, and likewise for Xristo here.  Happy Thursday ya'll!

 Aylen - On Fire (Original Mix) by Aylen

 Aylen - On Fire (Xristo Remix) by Aylen

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