Monday, March 5, 2012


For today's post I figured I'd switch it up a little bit. Now, I rarely write about dance music or anything dubstep, which is due to a mix of two facts; one is that I'm not as knowledgeable on the topic and the other being I'm simply not as enchanted by dubstep-influenced songs like other people are.  That being said, when Aylen sent over his new Distantt remix "Infinity", I was surprised when I felt the need to post. Technically the reworked version falls under the category of moombahton, which is a genre that has recently been growing in popularity.  Moombahton is a form of electronic dance music that borrows aspects of reggaeton and in many cases dubstep, the result of which is pretty unique.  "Infinity" is a near six-minute long banger that flows in and out of many sections, so within this mix there is a little bit here for someone.  And for those not so keen on dubstep, "Infinity" is pretty light on that.  So feel free to check it out below, and you can also go to the SoundCloud for a free download.  Enjoy!

 Distantt - Infinity (Aylen Remix) by Aylen

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