Monday, March 12, 2012


In no way is Memoryhouse a new name, in fact they've been around for quite a while.  In early January of 2010, they released the fantastic EP The Years, which a lot of people forget was one of the first releases to be dubbed as "chillwave".  A lot of people also don't seem to realize that with all of their EPs and singles available on the internet, they have yet to release a full album...that is until this year.  The other day I finally had the chance to listen to The Slideshow Effect, Memoryhouse's debut LP, which came out February 24th.  In some ways it's very similar than The Years, while in other cases it's very different.  To start, The Slideshow Effect maintains a very crucial element to Memoryhouse's personality; songs wrapped in a nostalgic film, intended to bring up memories of the past.  Also, female vocalist Denise Nouvion still uses her voice as a beautiful cradle for the delicate instrumentation. What changes are Memoryhouse's chillwave roots; instead of formulaic airy synths, the focus is more on catchy guitar rifts and soft piano chords that instill a sense of dreaminess.  All in all it's a pretty good release and worthy of at least a listen or two. Check out the songs "The Kids Were Wrong" and "Punctum" below.

The Kids Were Wrong


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