Wednesday, March 14, 2012


For my last post before departing on my spring break (in which I doubt I'll be able to post anything...but who knows), I present to you music by Abridged, the solo project of Argentinean Bruno Corigliano.  A few days ago, Abridged released his first EP, the self-titled Abridged on SoundCloud.  He was kind enough to send his music my way, including the single "Toys", which I was instantly attracted to.  "Toys" has an amiable simplicity to it, with a mix of pulsating and ethereal synths, the track has an interesting dynamic.  Contained within is a lo-fi, fuzzy electronic sound, and since the song never really aims to jump out at you it's actually quite soothing.  I've posted it below for you to stream, and if you're interested in the whole Abridged EP, you can check out his SoundCloud here, which also includes some free downloads.  Hope you enjoy!  I hope to post over the next few days, but if not...try not to miss me too much.  Peaccceeeee.

 Abridged - Toys by Abridged

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