Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Teki-Toe is the stage name for Tenju Sato, a musician who hails from the great city of La Jolla, California. Besides this, there isn't much to be found on him; there's no Facebook, MySpace, or Bandcamp.  He has kept himself well under wraps. We're lucky enough, though, to be treated to his wonderful work over SoundCloud, in which he attempts to make a "unique blend of digital synthesizers, warped instrumentation, and pitched vocals to create a dark, chilled atmosphere". Well, it wasn't more than 12 hours ago that Teki-Toe released "PC on the Television", a new track which follows the aforementioned rubric.  Coming forward with a more chill approach, "PC on the Television" is wonderful for those late-night haze sessions.  Have a listen to it below, but don't forget to head over to his SoundCloud for some free downloads.

 PC on the Televison by Teki-Toe

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